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Mayflower School continues to strive for academic excellence as we educate your child. Because reading is the most basic skill that improves academic performance across all curriculum areas, we value reading practice for all of our students. Reading improves vocabulary, comprehension, and higher order thinking skills. Our dedication to the use of the Accelerated Reader program as a means to measure students’ progress begins with 1st grade and proceeds through 5th grade.  On occasions and by request of parents or teachers, individual kindergarten students are given the S. T. A. R. diagnostic test to determine if they are ready to begin the AR program.

The AR grade is composed of three equal parts: the total number of reading points earned for the quarter, a student’s average reading level for the quarter, and their overall percent correct for the quarter. Studentscannot retake a test of a book, thus encouraging them to read more books.  As they leave Mayflower and move up to middle school, either at Clifton or Santa Fe, their AR results are sent along to these schools to continue tracking their progress.

All students are given the S. T. A. R. diagnostic reading test at the beginning of the year to determine each individual’s grade equivalent score.  The S. T .A. R. is then retaken at the end of each trimester to track their progress and their new grade equivalent scores are noted on their library cards.  INDIVIDUAL GOALS and AWARDS are set by their classroom teachers.